About Us

M7 Japan is a successful and growing company which specializes in creating and distributing worldclass high performance lubricants. M7 Japan was founded in 2006 and since then has grown to distribute world-wide. The objective of the brand is to create ultimate high quality performance lubricants for cars and bikes. Since then M7 Japan has pushed forward, developing their products and producing new ones, all the while reflecting customer demand and expectations. The customer’s satisfaction and the brand’s drive for high quality combine to continually push the boundaries to improve performance and operational efficiency.

The secret and key to the ultimate performance of M7 Japan Motor Oils is that they are developed and tested by world-class racing drivers and riders under various rigorous conditions, with the focus on racing. The company was founded with the idea to use racing to develop and test the M7 Japan Motor Oils and that is precisely what we are doing until today. In this way we provide high quality Performance Lubricants for wide range of cars and bike.